Care & Maintenance

A Jati furniture piece should last a very long time whilst keeping it’s structural integrity and aesthetic. With the following tips, instructions and techniques, you can be sure your Jati piece will truly be a joy forever.


Jati Teak Furniture Care

Our outdoor teak furniture is manufactured to the highest standards and is equal to the best in the world. We manufacture our collection using premium grade teak from government – controlled plantations on the island of Java, Indonesia.

Teak is a dense wood and is extremely stable and resistant to decay even when exposed to extreme weather conditions. It is not necessary to treat quality teak. Left untreated, it will weather to a silver grey colour over time. Even after many years, naturally weathered premium grade teak remains in excellent condition.

For tips on how to achieve an ageless look of your outdoor teak furniture, please read our comprehensive Teak Maintenance post here.


Jati Batyline Furniture Care

Batyline can simply be cleaned using a non-abrasive household detergent. Use a soft bristled brush to remove any stains or spillage as soon as possible to prevent permanent staining.

Stainless Steel

Jati Stainless Steel Furniture Care

Stainless steel is best cared for with a stainless steel cleaner which, when used with a Scotchbrite pad, will remove superficial marks or stains and also provides a protective film. We recommend a light application of cleaner on the stainless steel when the furniture first goes outside.


Jati Cushion Care

Cushion covers can be washed very easily. Just remove from the cushion insert, turn inside out and close the zipper. Wash by hand with a mild detergent or on a delicate/silk cycle in your washing machine. Never wash in water warmer than 30 degrees.


Jati Wicker Furniture Care

Our outdoor wicker furniture is made of very tough UV resistant polypropylene synthetic fibre which requires very little maintenance. Clean using plenty of water and a soft brush. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents and abrasives. Remove any spilt food and drinks as soon as possible to prevent permanent staining. Do not attempt to clean outdoor furniture in direct sunlight on a hot day.


Jati Outdoor Umbrella Care

The single most important thing to look after your umbrella and prolong its life is to invest in a good quality protective cover. An umbrella spends most of its life folded up not being used. If it is enclosed in a cover it will remain clean and looking like new for many years. Bird droppings and environmental grime can be removed by hosing and scrubbing with a soft brush. Never put the cover back on if the umbrella fabric is damp or wet.

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