The Tailored Suits of Furniture

Does anything feel more accomplished than a well-pressed suit made from your choice of threads
that were meticulously measured, hand-cut and stitched to your requirements?

Perhaps. But a tailor-made suit feels like million bucks — sharp and elegant. Carefully selected
colours complement your skin tone. The precise fit flatters your shape. The appropriate lapels sing to
the occasion.

This is the philosophy of BORZALINO who translates the very same concept to furniture. They
employ secretive Tuscan methods of crafting personalised creations through a palette of fine
leathers, precious marbles and polished wood to your taste.

The Origins

The story of BORZALINO started more than 40 years ago when Galleazzo Fedi began designing and
making furniture by hand in a town in Pistoia, Italy. His work continues the traditions of his
forefathers, the skilled craftsmen of Tuscany. A tradition dating back hundreds of years.

Galleazzo’s passion for creating high-end tailor-made sofas, tables and other complements has made
his atelier, a brand recognised for high-quality and customisation. Today, BORZALINO is run by his
family. And their fine, bespoke pieces adorn some of the most prestigious residences and venues
around the world.


Now available at Jati

We are proud to represent BORZALINO in Australia who shares our commitment to providing long-
lasting quality furniture to the discerning buyer.

A range of tailor-made BORZALINO furniture is now on display in our MELBOURNE and SYDNEY
showrooms. Furniture pieces are made to order from a selection of materials available for viewing

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We know that nothing beats the feeling of seeing and feeling our beautifully crafted furniture for yourself. This is why our showrooms are well stocked, and our friendly staff are always ready to help.

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