What makes a good outdoor piece a truly great outdoor piece?

14 Jun 2012

Our first impressions are always aesthetic. It’s always the look we ‘like’ first. But what does it take to make this first impression last?

Good design will quietly stop you and then gently draw you towards it, inviting you to take a seat and reflect - It doesn’t shout, it doesn’t parade itself. The appeal is understated.

Once seated, almost magically, it has the ability to let you drift off in a completely relaxed, mediative mood.

That’s exactly the appeal of ‘Stella’, this special, simple outdoor beauty from Jati. It has the quality that a truly great outdoor piece should always exude.

More than a mere decorative piece, the Stella is made from premium teak, and the touch is solid. There’s a kind of humble, dignified kudos to it, as well as a warmth and quiet intelligence to the design.

Sitting down there’s comforting sense that this wood, is good wood. Outdoor furniture should always be specifically designed for relaxation and Stella makes you feel completely relaxed.

You can also relax knowing that this piece was created from teak nurtured from seedling and for a generation in a strictly controlled government plantation, to protect the naturals forests of Java in Indonesia.

Did you know that wood such as this is also one of the most environmentally friendly materials we can use outdoors? Sustainably grown, it takes less energy to turn into furniture absorbing and storing harmful carbon dioxide as it grows. The carbon remains locked in the wood for the life of the piece until it rots, decays or is burnt.

By planting trees and using wood rather than other materials, we invest in a long-term way to sink and store carbon. Always a comforting thought in the world we now live.

Also you can relax, knowing that this piece is for keeps, to be enjoyed for many years to come, to weather gracefully and become a centerpiece to your outdoor living environment.

But not to get completely carried away in the Stella, the Jati range features a selection of stunning teak pieces. And for those with differing tastes, Jati’s range of wicker continues to deliver modern yet classically designed aesthetics for the contemporary Australian garden, deck or verandha.

Which makes it well worthwhile taking a stroll through the authentically styled showrooms in either Artarmon Sydney or in Richmond Melbourne, where you will always be perfectly welcome to stop and sit a while to think.