Designer Profile – Johannes Foersom and Peter Hiort-Lorenzen

14 Oct 2014

Think Scandinavian design and you can be forgiven for thinking of the world’s largest big box retailer synonymous for Allen keys.

But the region’s talent stretches well beyond flat-pack furniture to include some of the world’s leading designers in outdoor furniture.

And if Scandinavia and outdoor living seem unlikely companions, just consider the value placed in the comfort of an outdoor chair when you have just a few weeks of warm weather to really enjoy it!

Johannes Foersom and Peter Hiort-Lorergen are two of Scandinavia’s most renowned and successful furniture designers, never ceasing to surprise and impress with their beautiful, timeless and comfortable pieces.

The duo are responsible for the design of a number of Jati’s exclusive cane pieces, including the beautiful Diamond range consisting of armchairs, sofa and lounge chair.

Found in high-end hotels and resorts around the world, the Cane-line range provides never-ending inspiration to your outdoor space with supreme craftsmanship through concept and design to manufacture.