Craftsman Profile – Taufik Hidayat

22 Sep 2014

On the Indonesian island of Java, a skilled team of craftsmen are hard at work.

One of them is TaufikHidayat - a man with his eye always on the future.

As Head of Assembly and Packaging, Taufik takes great pride in seeing the finished product assembled, packaged and shipped to schedule.

And having worked with teak for so long, he has enormous confidence that the furniture he and his team assembles will endure for many years, no matter the location.

“Teak can adapt to extreme weather,” says Taufik. “It features natural oils that make it suitable for hot and cold weather, and its structure and texture is unique.”

But assembling world-class outdoor furniture is not always a straight-forward task - even when you have 17 years perfecting the process.

“Life is a challenge and we should face and solve our problems,” Taufik says. “But a life without challenge and problems probably means we are no longer living.”

Taufik knows what he would prefer.