Outdoor Lounge Furniture and Settings

Outdoor Lounge Settings

Here you will find our iconic teak pieces, showcasing the timber cutting and weaving styles that have since become our trademark. Comprising of distinctive outdoor lounge pieces that are bound to turn heads, you will find inspiration with our entire range of outdoor furniture pieces.

From our unique take of the banana lounge, to our full outdoor lounge setting range, our work is symbolic of our unique imprint. We design our furniture to be the centre of attention, with a specific focus on comfort and style.

Each and every one of our pieces has been tailor made to be displayed in all outdoor settings, no matter the style. With our entire range coming rubber stamped with our assurance of their quality, you can rest easy knowing that your unique outdoor lounge setting will last a lifetime.

This is the collection that put our name on the map for outdoor furniture in Melbourne and Sydney. We at Jati are proud of the furniture that we make, and look forward to sharing our passion for outdoor settings with you. Our nationwide shipping service also ensures that you too, can be a part of our family.