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Jati began in 1984 in the garage of a home in Canterbury as the "spare time" passion of a school teacher. Passion for teak outdoor furniture quickly became a business.

In time, Jati became a household name for quality, everlasting teak outdoor settings. Over 30 years of hard won experience and manufacturing, the Jati range expanded beyond teak to become synonymous with the finest in outdoor settings.

From a garage to a small storage space in Richmond, to a warehouse selling direct to the public in Stephenson Street, Richmond, to opening a showroom in Sydney, the brand was quickly embraced by a discerning public ...


Timber Outdoor Furniture in Melbourne

Jati Outdoor Furniture, an institution for over 30 years, has built a reputation as the finest purveyor of teak outdoor furniture and outdoor settings, since its humble beginnings from a small carport in the suburb of Canterbury, Victoria.

Progressing from our glorious past, to embracing and manufacturing exceptional pieces of timber outdoor furniture, the Jati name has stood the test of time and is now synonymous with high-end, high quality furniture Australia wide.

Our outdoor living furniture denotes panache, luxury and elegance, whilst remaining accessible to the general public. Built to withstand the many extreme elements, our furniture also comes with full warranty on all of our products, as a guarantee of its impeccable styling and durability.

Outdoor Settings

Jati Outdoor Furniture Melbourne, situated in the artistically inspiring Richmond area, has stood the test of time and enhanced its reputation as creators of fine outdoor furniture. Explore the history of the famous name and view our ever changing suite of fine pieces and settings, designed for every home in the Melbourne area.

Our Jati Outdoor Furniture Sydney warehouse, nestled amongst the famous streets of the city’s north shore, has been providing Sydney only the most luxurious outdoor furniture since its first foray into New South Wales. Across the harbour city, Jati furniture has been embraced and enjoyed by thousands of homes.

Please feel free to view our range, and join us in celebrating the renowned history of the Jati name.

The Finest Quality Outdoor Table and Chairs

Our renowned range of teak and wooden furniture includes outdoor table and chairs sale and a great range of teak and wooden furniture, including rocking chairs, garden dining settings, and garden timber furniture in Sydney and Melbourne.

Jati’s famous teak furniture and outdoor couches, have been renowned for over three decades for their overwhelming beauty and sophistication, whilst not compromising on reliability or strength.You can now purchase this elegance and luxury for your own home with our frequent cheap outdoor wooden furniture sales, providing your garden or outdoor setting with the Jati style.

Visit the Jati team at our Sydney and Melbourne warehouses today, and obtain for yourself the charm and charisma that our outdoor timber furniture symbolises.



309 Swan St Richmond VIC 3121
Phone: 03 9427 8452 | Email: sales@jati.com.au
Opening Hours: Mon - Sat: 9am to 5pm, Sun: 10am to 5pm
There is ample customer parking available on site.


79 Whiting St Artarmon NSW 2064
Phone: 02 9439 4727 | Email: sydney@jati.com.au
Opening Hours: 7 days - 10am to 5pm
Drive-in parking available.